The warm season offers a wide range of active leisure activities and the opportunity to take care of your health. Daily physical activity not only helps to keep the body strong, but also has a positive effect on mental and emotional well-being. Regular movement speeds up metabolism and reduces blood pressure and the risk of chronic kidney disease. Because of these benefits, we encourage our patients to live as active life as possible.

A great example of this lifestyle is a Diaverum Lithuania team member Tautvydas Jakas, Quality and Data Protection Specialist.

Tautvydas has been active in sports since his high school graduation, constantly trying out different sports. He has 4 years of experience in martial sports (Kudo, MuayThai and boxing) and one of his biggest hobbies is snowboarding. During the summer season, Tautvydas used to practice outdoor sports such as running, volleyball, and cross-country skiing, as well as waterboarding.

In the autumn of 2021, Tautvydas became very fond of running and felt that it helped him to get away from extraneous thoughts. This gave him the idea to challenge himself to the Triathlon in the summer of 2022. Representing Diaverum, Tautvydas took part in the Triathlon for the first time. He chose to complete the Sprint Distance, otherwise known as the Olympic half distance. He had three challenges: 750 m. swimming, 20 km. bike riding and 5 km. running. In order to qualify for the Lithuanian Triathlon Cup (LTT), you had to finish the race in no more than 1 hour. 40 min. Tautvydas exceeded his expectations and finished  13 minutes and 16 seconds earlier. He finished 155th out of 170 competitors and was only 23 minutes behind the first-place winner. Tautvydas says that this debut will not be the end of his sporting activity and he will repeat his participation in the competition.

When asked what physical activity means to him, Tautvydas said:

"Physical activity for me is not only about good physical shape, but also about a better psychological state, helping me to cope with difficulties at work or in my personal life. I don't just think, but I know from my own practice that if you have a bad day, do some exercise and it will definitely get better."

We are delighted to have a member of our team who promotes an active lifestyle and inspires others.

We sincerely wish you to discover your favourite physical activity, to promote your health and to live a full life!

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